Board of Selectmen Informational Sessions for Volunteers - Sunday, April 22nd at 6:00PM

Board of Selectmen Informational Sessions - Sunday, 4/22

The Board of Selectmen continues with their informational sessions on Volunteering within Winchester on Sunday, April 22nd at 6:00PM at the Winchester Center Firehouse.  This series of one-hour get-togethers focus on inspiring residents to consider volunteering for the Town of Winchester's boards and commissions and to participate in the leadership needs of various town-focused non-profit organizations.

During each session, information about the various Town boards and commissions will be presented by Selectmen and other volunteers.  Each gathering is independent and no prior registration is required.  Refreshments will be available. 

Sponsored by the Board of Selectmen, these gatherings will help residents better understand the role each board and commission have within town. Other volunteer options available within our community with non-profit organizations will also be discussed, serving to help folks consider how to best share their interests and skills.

Please note that people attending are under no obligation to become volunteers.

Please click here for more information about other scheduled informational sessions.

"Volunteering is good for your health, helps develop a sense of purpose, and because democracy is not a spectator sport helps your town’s government run efficiently."