Celebration Parade

Friday, May 8 at 1pm
Celebration Parade

On Friday, May 8, 2020, at 1 pm the faculty and staff of The Gilbert School, along with Police and Fire Department will have a Celebration Parade. 

The Parade is our way of celebrating and thanking all of our students, families, and teachers as we end Teacher Appreciation Week. 

If you can, make signs of your own and stand in your yard so we can say "HI" as we drive by.  After the parade teachers will be dropping off lawn signs for our seniors.

Line up on Meadow Street facing West.

The Parade will move along the following route:

Right on Lake

Right on 263

Left on Woodland

Left on West Lake

Right on East Lake

Left on Hurlbut

Left on Pratt

Right on Prospect

Left on Bridge

Across to Elm

Stay Right on Elm

Right onto Wetmore

Left on Oak

Right on Beach

Across to Wallens

Right on Florence

Right on Royer

Left on Benton

Right on Holabird

Right on Waldron

Left on Berg

Left on Stanton

Across to Colony

Left on Maloney

Right on Glendale

Right on Old New Hartford

Right RT 44

Right onto Spencer/Hinsdale

Right onto Wheeler

End at Station 1