Process for May 14, 2020 Public Hearing on the Proposed 2020-2021 Budget

Public Hearing
Public Hearing

The public is invited to take part in the May 14 7:00p.m. Public Hearing on the Board of Education and Town Budgets. The public may watch the meeting on 

  • LiveStream (accessed from front page at the bottom under Contacts) 
  • or on Channel 194.  
  • We will take Public Comments "in-person" during the meetings by phone 860-738-6958 and through participation in Zoom. Access code will be on the agenda. 

The Public Hearing for the Board of Education will be first. 


As we have the past 4 years, the BOS will use the following process for the BOE/BOS public hearing on the FY2021 Budget. There are some additional virtual meeting processes.


  • The Mayor will call the meeting to order.
  • The Pledge of Allegiance will be recited 
  • The Gilbert School Superintendent will present their school budget – Documents will be shared through the Zoom Platform and are available online.



At the conclusion of the school leaders remarks, the BOS may ask questions. The Public portion will then begin.

The public may call into 860-738-6958 or by joining the Zoom* meeting and being recognized when it is their turn. All participants will be muted until it’s their time to speak. 


We will have as many rounds necessary to have questions answered.

  • Each person speaking shall state their name, address, and position (if they hold one).
  • Each person in round one of comments will be given the opportunity to speak for five minutes.
  • Once everyone has had the chance to speak once, people that would like to speak a second time will be given three additional minutes. If there are those that wish to make a third comment, you will be given an additional three minutes. 
  • After these first 3 rounds, the board will continue to listen as long as there is a productive dialogue. 


Should there be questions during public comments, they will be directed to the Mayor. The Mayor will then ask the person with the information to respond at that time. If the public asks a question that needs further information, we will write your question down and make sure to get back to them. 


The BOS may ask questions or comment at any time or at the conclusion of public comment.


The public hearing for the Board of Education will be closed by the BOS at the end of the evening once we all feel we have reached the point that all questions have been answered and /or it becomes unproductive to continue. 


The public hearing for the Town side of the Budget will begin at this point and will follow the same procedure as the BOE hearing. The Town Manager and Finance Director will start with a presentation of the budget. Comments will then be taken.


*Zoom Process: People may enter Zoom starting at 6:45 p.m. All people entering on Zoom must provide their identity. For videos please make sure your correct name is with your picture – for example not just “Familyipad”. If you use the call in feature on Zoom you must identify yourselves to the host who will add your name not just the phone number. This must be done before the meeting starts so please plan accordingly. In case of a Zoom Bomber the host will remove them.. People that are removed cannot come back into the meeting.  

The management of the turns of people speaking will be completed as best as possible. 

We would ask people that are interested in watching, but not commenting, use the options of Livestream or Channel 194. 


Remaining Budget Meetings include:


·      May 18 7:00pm Regular Board of Selectmen meeting with budget discussion and Public Comment. 

·      May 21 7:00pm Special Board of Selectmen meeting for finalization of the budget, adoption of the budget, and setting the mill rate. 


All will be Livestreamed, shown on Channel 194, and on Zoom. 


Public comment can also be submitted in writing or by phone anytime between now and May 20.

·      By Email: [email protected][email protected];  [email protected]

·      By phone: 860-738-6962

·      By Mail: Attn: Board Of Selectmen 338 Main St Winsted CT 06098 (Please note regular mail needs to be received by May 20 so please plan enough time) 

All comments will be compiled and considered by the BOS throughout this process prior to our decision on May 21. 


All Budgets may be viewed online. However, if you need a printed copy please call 860-738-6962. 


Board of Education: 

The Gilbert School (grades 7-12)