Winsted Senior Center Replaces Van

Winsted Senior Center Replaces Van

The Town of Winchester has recently replaced the Winsted Senior Center Van.  Please review a description of what the Senior Center includes in their Van Policy.

This van is for residents of Winchester and Winsted, age 55 or older as well as people with a disability, for travel in Winchester and Winsted only, Monday through Friday. First pickups are at 8:45AM, with the last ride home scheduled at 3:00PM. To make a reservation, please call the Senior Center office at (860) 379-4252, at least twenty-four hours in advance, Monday through Friday, between 8:00AM and 4:00PM. 

With respect to medical appointments, please do not make medical appointments before 9:00AM or after 1:30PM.

With respect to making an appointment for shopping or errands, please schedule early Tuesday or Friday morning, or early in the afternoon Monday through Friday. Limit of four (4) bags per person. The Senior Center's van driver will advise riders when he will be back for pick-up. Riders must be there at that designated time and place. Unfortunately, drivers do not have time to wait or to look for riders.

Please note that at this time, one stop per ride is the current practice.  Patience is requested and appreciated as the drivers are very busy. Every effort is made to attempt to get riders to their appointments on time.  With that in mind, please note there may be a wait to be picked up to go home. Additionally, there may be times when we cannot give you a ride, or we may have to pick you up early for an appointment. Suggested donations per ride is $1.

For information and to schedule rides to other towns, call N.W. Transit at (860) 489-2535.