Daily Nutrition Program

Our Nutrition Program lunch is available for purchase Monday through Friday, at 12 noon. Meals are planned by a registered dietician. To reserve a meal, call the Center at 860-379-4252, by 11:30 a.m., the day before you wish to join us for lunch. The suggested donation for a meal is $4 for those age 60+ and $5.50 for those under age 60.

When the Senior Center has a special event that includes lunch, you must purchase a ticket for that meal. Special events are publicized well before the date of the event. Tickets are available up until one week before the event, or until we are sold out.

We are not allowed to pack up lunches "to go". Participants must eat their meal at the Senior Center.

If you are homebound, and would like to have "Meals on Wheels", call 860-482-4151. Your doctor will need to confirm that you need to receive "Meals on Wheels" delivered to you at home.