Board of Selectmen Statement Regarding 2021-2022 Budget

The Board of Selectmen has received the 2021-2022 Town Manager recommended budget as required by the town charter. This budget will be discussed and adjusted between now and the final decision date of April 23, 2021. Like every year, adjustments will be made as the process continues. This year more difficult decisions may need to be made. The Board of Selectmen will examine information coming from citizens, the Connecticut state legislature decisions related to town aid, as well as the American Rescue Act and the impact locally.  The Board of Selectmen, the Town Manager, and the Board of Education, will hold public hearings on this budget to take input from citizens.

The Public Hearing on the Board of Education budget will be March 29, 2021.

The Public Hearing on the full Budget will be held on April 5, 2021. The Board of Selectmen will hold additional special meetings as necessary to make budget adjustments but no later than April 23, 2021. The Annual Town Meeting will be on May 10, 2021 where those in attendance will be presented the budget and will vote to send it to referendum.