Legal Notice - Water & Sewer Bills Due


Please Note:

Any electronic checks received from an online banking account will be processed AS OF DATE RECEIVED.  Electronic checks are mailed to us from your bank through a third party bill payment institution and provide us with no postmark date.  Therefore, checks are processed as of the date received (per Connecticut State Statute 12-146), regardless of what date is printed on the check.  Please allow ample time for mailing when initiating these payments through your personal online banking account.  ​ONLINE BANKING CHECKS MUST BE MAILED DIRECTLY TO THE TAX OFFICE -- DO NOT MAIL TO THE HARTFORD ADDRESS FOR PROCESSING!!

Connecticut State Statute reads:  "No tax or installment thereof shall be construed to be delinquent under the provisions of this section if the envelope containing the amount due as such tax or installment, as received by the tax collector of the municipality to which such tax is payable, bears a postmark showing a date within the time allowed by statute for the payment of such tax or installment."