Tax Assessor

Mission Statement

The Assessor's Office is responsible for maintaining and creating the annual grand list. The list includes real property, personal property, and motor vehicles. All assessments are at 70% of its value in accordance with provisions of the Connecticut General Statutes. Taxes are based on the assessment times the mill rate.The 2018 grand list mill rate is 33.54 mills. (Example: $1,000 assessment x mill rate .03354 = $33.54 annual taxes)

Powers and Duties of the Assessor's Office

The Assessor's Office has a responsibility to insure that all assessments are properly and uniformly made and that the Grand List, when completed, is a true and accurate report of all taxable and tax exempt property properly coded in the jurisdiction. In order to accomplish this task within the statutory time frame provided, it is essential that the Assessor has certain resources available.

All assessments made by local assessors must be determined in accordance with provisions of the Connecticut General Statutes. The statutes define what property is assessable and the procedure to be followed in determining assessments. With so many phases of the assessment process to be accomplished within a limited time, some schedule of procedure is necessary. The Assessor must keep in mind the provisions of the General Statutes of Connecticut which detail when and how certain phases of assessment procedure must be accomplished. These provisions relate specifically to filing of tax lists, the Assessor's power to obtain information, completion of the abstract and grand list, and issuance of certificates of error and correction.

The Assessor's Office administers many programs and exemptions that are available to the public.

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Special Message: The Assessor's Office is closed periodically due to meetings, field work, etc. It is recommended that you call the Tax Assessor's Office or Laurie in the Town Manager's office at ( 860) 379-2713 ext. 301 for scheduled closings. Property records are available through our online database. The assessor maps are now available also on our online database.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Rhonda Roy Tax Assessor, CCMA I (860) 379-5461
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