Online Tax Payment Notes

Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve a taxpayer from the requirement to pay interest and penalties, as per Connecticut state statutes 12-130.

NOTE:  As of May 16, 2015, the online payment system went through a software update by Webster Bank.   ALL taxpayers must re-register on this new system as no prior user names or passwords were carried over from the old system to the new system.


  2. At Payment Screen, if you are a new user or have not officially set yourself up on the new system yet, you need to use the PAY YOUR TAXES LINK.    For a one-time payment, just fill out Contact information in the left hand box.  This will allow you to make a payment but will NOT store any bank account/contact information/history for future use.

  3. If you want to register as a recurring user with a user name and password, then you must also fill out the information in the right hand box to enroll as a recurring user. 

  4. At bottom of page, click on the down arrow to add an account where your funds will be taken from.   If you have chosen to make just a one-time payment, this information WILL NOT be stored in the system.  If you choose to set yourself up as a recurring user, this information will be stored for future use.  Input account number info and VERIFY INFO IS INPUT CORRECTLY to insure funds are properly charge to your account.

  5. If you set yourself up as a recurring user, you should get a confirmation email that provides you with a link that you need to follow to activate your account for future logins.  Check your spam email folder if you do not see this in your inbox.

  6. Print out your confirmation and verify funds have been taken from your account once the payment date you setup goes by.

For the tax bill inquiry/ online payment system, click here.

For instructions on making a payment or tax inquiry, click here.

Current Tax Payment Notes

Town of Winchester Web-Based Online Tax Payments

The Town of Winchester now has our tax information online for taxpayers to look up their tax bills that are due, as well as three years of paid tax history. 

If the tax bill you received indicates "BACK TAXES DUE," please utilize the online tax inquiry link to look up your delinquent tax amounts due.  As per Connecticut State Statute 12-144b, any monies received must be applied to oldest tax bills first.

Please Note: Your payment date is the date you generated the payment, even though the funds will not be available to the Town until the following day. As long as the payment is initiated within the allowed grace period, and the funds clear your account during the normal processing procedures, the payment is considered an "on-time" payment. The confirmation of payment that you receive is only a notice to indicate that you have made the attempt to make your payment online. Payment is complete when funds are withdrawn from your account.

Receipt of Confirmation number showing payment initiated via the web-based system for tax payments is not a final guarantee of payment being credited to your account. Completion of payment is subject to receipt of funds from your financial institution. If funds do not exist in the account (provided by you the taxpayer) for any reason, (non-sufficient funds, incorrect account number/ routing number, etc) it is considered an uncollected payment and therefore subject to all interest and fees in accordance with Connecticut State Statutes. It is the taxpayer's responsibility to verify that all payments initiated have cleared their account.

If prior taxes are due on an account, funds will be applied to oldest bills first in accordance with Connecticut State Statutes 12-145 and 12-146.


Online Banking Tax Payments

Remitted to the Town of Winchester by Your Banking Institution via Your Online Banking Account

In an effort to streamline the process of the increasing number of payments being made through a taxpayer's online banking process, we require the following information to be input accurately into your online banking system to insure proper credit to your account:

1. Pay each bill separately - be sure to use the list number exactly as listed on your bill, to insure proper credit to your account. (Please do not use old account numbers when sending electronic checks for payment)

2. Make checks payable to: TOWN OF WINCHESTER

3.  When paying through your online banking, please do not use the Hartford lockbox mailing address.  All electronic checks must be mailed directly to the tax office at 338 Main St., Winsted, CT for office processing.

4.  If an electronic check is received after the grace period has expired, interest will be assessed as of the date the payment is received in accordance with Connecticut State Statute 12-146. Please allow ample time for mail delivery to avoid interest charges since electronic checks are mailed with no US Postmark date to refer to and so they will be posted as of the date received.

If a payment is received without specific account identification on the check we receive, the check may be returned to maker. Interest and fees will be due as applicable per state law.  Please be sure to use exact account number information (exactly as listed on your bill) on your check so payment can be applied correctly.

Payments received from online banking accounts will be posted as of the date the check is received, regardless of date on the check. Per Connecticut State Statute 12-146: "No tax or installment thereof shall be construed to be delinquent under the provisions of this section if the envelope containing the amount due as such tax or installment, as received by the tax collector of the municipality to which such tax is payable, bears a postmark showing the date within the time allowed by statute for the payment of such tax or installment."