Fiber Optic Internet Comes to Winchester & Winsted

Posted on
December 1, 2022
Town Manager's Office
Between now and the end of March, Frontier Communications will be installing fiber optic cable throughout Winchester and Winsted (INCLUDING more remote locations such as Winchester Center) with the objective of providing high-speed internet to homes and businesses in town. 

Fiber optic cables are more reliable than the coaxial cable currently provided through your cable company, and they also provide symmetric high speed download and upload capability (i.e., the same speed in either direction).  That is not the case for traditional coax.  Fiber also has much greater bandwidth, which means that even if multiple users in your household are using internet, and multiple users on your street are on-line, you should see no delay or “buffering”. This is great news for anyone who is working or conducting virtual meetings from home and for any business that depends heavily on the internet.

It is not dependent on electricity except at the base station; even if the power goes out and you have a generator, you will have service, unless there is a break in the line.  You can use their service for your home phone similar to what you may be doing now with Charter or another home phone system.

These fiber optic cables will predominantly be installed above ground, but it will remain below-ground in neighborhoods that currently have their wiring underground. Frontier will bring the cable down your driveway if you opt in for their service.

It should be noted that this is purely a commercial venture by Frontier and that it will not cost the Town government anything, nor is the Town endorsing its service. If you see trucks along the street installing cables, now you know what the purpose for that activity is and what opportunities this investment may provide your home or business. Frontier will be reaching out to the town’s residents in the near future to provide more details about what they are offering.  You can then make a decision as to whether you wish to opt in with them or to stay with your current provider.

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