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Mailbox Survival Memo

Posted on
January 11, 2023
Public Works
Winter is coming and the Winchester Department of Public Works recommends that residents take some time to inspect their mailboxes and mailbox posts for cracks, dry rot and how the post is installed into the ground.  Posts with cracks, dry rot or deterioration will most likely fail when hit with wet snow during the Town’s snowplowing operations.
It is easier to replace a weak or deteriorating mailbox post during the fall months before the ground is frozen.  When replacing a post, please be mindful that larger mailboxes require larger, sturdier posts to support the additional forces that are exerted on larger mailboxes.  All mailboxes need to be able to withstand the force of wet snow and ice from the snowplow.
During the winter season, it is inevitable that some mailboxes and/or mailbox posts will fall victim to the force of the wet snow and ice.  The Town will reimburse residents for damage to their mailbox and/or post if the snowplow actually hits the mailbox or post, and the post does not have any rot or deterioration.  The Town will not reimburse residents for damage from snow or ice cascading off the plow blade.  The reimbursement is limited to $25.00 for the mailbox, and $25.00 for the post.
If you have any questions on preparing your mailbox for the winter season, please telephone the Department of Public Works at (860) 379-4070.