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Off Street Parking Requested on Roads Undergoing Chip Sealing Week of July 11th through July 15th

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July 7, 2022
Town Hall
With the summer season among us, the Town of Winchester Department of Public Works Street Department is busy with road improvements.  Chipsealing is the application of a special protective wearing surface to an existing pavement.  During chipsealing, a dump truck full of chips, or gravel, locks on to the chip spreader and is pulled backwards.  A thin layer of liquid asphalt is sprayed down in front of the chip spreader.  Currently, weather permitting, the following streets are scheduled to undergo chip sealing:
  • Losaw Road
  • Gaylord Road
  • Bridge Street
  • Depot Street 
  • Maple Street 
  • Grantville Road (section from Preston Road to West Road)
  • High Street 
  • Hillside Avenue
  • Union Street
  • Rock Street 
  • Reaching Hill Road
  • Swanson Road
  • Stowe Road
  • Crown Street
  • Sucker Brook Road (section from Bridge to West Wakefield Boulevard)
The Department of Public Works is requesting residents whose properties are among the identified properties scheduled for chipsealing to secure off-street parking until improvements are completed.  Once the chipsealing is completed, including both sides of the street, residents may resume their street parking.  Please note that the public's anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated during these improvements. 
Please contact the Department of Public Works at (860) 379-4101 with any questions.