Residents and Businesses Reminded to Clear Fire Hydrants After Storms

Posted on
December 22, 2021
Town Hall

The Town of Winchester is reminding residents and businesses about the importance of clearing fire hydrants during the upcoming snowy months.  Winter weather can create fire safety hazards, such as ice or heavy snowfall that can obstruct fire hydrants. Keeping fire hydrants accessible and clear of ice and snow can help reduce risks.

In an emergency, every second counts. Fire hydrants that are blocked, concealed, or difficult to access due to snow or ice can impede emergency fire response.

Fire trucks carry a limited amount of water, so one of the first tasks upon arriving at a fire is to locate a water supply from the nearest hydrant. Hydrants covered in snow can be difficult to locate and uncovering them can waste valuable time needed to fight the fire. Keeping them clear can mean easier access to water and more time doing what really matters – fighting the fire.

In addition to removing snow and debris covering the hydrant itself, Winsted Fire Department recommends clearing a three foot area around the hydrant. This will help them with accessing the hydrant to connect hoses and operate the hydrant.  It will also give their hoses enough area to charge and prevent kinking which could greatly reduce water supply.

Keep Fire Hydrants Clear