Town Manager Holds Series of Budget Talks

Posted on
June 21, 2023
Town Manager's Office
In an effort to ensure that all Winchester residents and property owners have the opportunity to make an educated decision on the budget at the upcoming referendum vote, the Town Manager is hosting a series of informal budget talks around town over the next week. The dates, times, and locations are as follows:

This is your opportunity to ask the Town Manager anything on the budget. Stop by these locations on one or more of these days and times and get informed!

The vote on the proposed budget will be held from 8am - 8pm on Tuesday, June 27, 2023 at Pearson School (2 Wetmore Ave, Winsted). All registered voters in Winchester/Winsted and all individuals owning over $1,000 in assessed property value are able and encouraged to vote!

Here is an updated schedule as of June 23, 2023:

You can see the latest proposed budget here, which includes over $440,000 in cuts from the last proposal.