Frequently Asked Questions: Water and Sewer Department

A sewer alarm is going off.  Who do I report it to?
Contact the Water Department at 860-379-4101 during normal business hours.  For emergencies after hours, please call our answering service at 1-844-441-4814. 

How do I hook up to the city water and/or sewer system, and what is the cost to connect?
Applications are available at the Public Works Office, 189 Rowley Street.  For more information on hook ups, please contact the Water Department at 860-379-4101.  The connection fee is $1,000 for water and $1,000 for sewer.

What’s the fluoride content in the Town’s drinking water?
The average is 1 milligram per liter.  The range is between 0.8 and 1.2.

Is the water safe to drink if it’s discolored?
It may not harm you, but you should not drink water that does not look clean.  Contact the Water Department at 860-379-4101 with any concerns you may have.

Could a leaky faucet or toilet create a large water bill?
Leaky faucets, toilets, and other small leaks could certainly create large water bills.  Continually running fixtures could double or triple the water bill.  It is the owner’s responsibility to monitor and repair any leaks.

When does the Water Department flush water mains?
Water mains are scheduled to be flushed in Spring and Summer. 

Who’s responsible for repair of water and sewer lines?
The Water and Sewer Department is responsible for repair of water and sewer lines to the curb line.  The property owner is responsible for sewer laterals and service lines to the house.

I received a letter from the Water Department informing me that my water meter was in need of repair.  Is there a charge for this?
There is no charge to you for the Water Department to repair your meter.