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Please follow the links below to see the Town's current Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs):


Q: What is a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)?
A: A CBA is a union contract. It is the terms of employment that govern multiple employees. The way in which CBAs are negotiated and executed is governed by both state and federal labor laws.

Q: Do these contracts govern the terms of employment for all Town employees?
A: No, they do not. Some Town employees are non-union; these employees are either given a letter of appointment or are offered a contract to outline the salary and benefits they are given in exchange for their work.

Q: I don't see any teachers mentioned. Where are the school's contracts?
A: Please contact Winchester Public Schools and/or The Gilbert School for more information about their contracts. The Town does not negotiate any labor contracts with or for the schools.

Q: What happens when a union contract expires?
A: If there is no new contract in place by the time a previous contract expires, then the employees operate off of the old contract until such a time as a new contract is adopted and signed. Wages and benefits that would have been afforded to employees if the contract had been signed on-time are provided to them retroactively after the new contract is signed.

Q: Who negotiates and adopts our contracts?
A: The Town Manager, who is the CEO of the Town of Winchester, negotiates contracts on behalf of the Town. Once a tentative agreement (TA) is reached with the bargaining unit, the Town Manager brings the proposed contract to the Board of Selectmen, and they vote to adopt or reject that proposal.

Q: I don't see the information I'm looking for. How can I get more info?
A: Please contact the Town Manager's Office at or at 860-738-6962.

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