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Public Act 490 - Farm and Forest

Applications for PA-490 Farm land & Forest classifications must be filed between September 1st and October 31st.  

Please note: The Foresters Certification MUST be dated by October 1st.  Applications are available at the Assessor's Office and on this website.  Failure to file in the proper manner and form shall be considered a waiver of the right to such classification under CGS 12-504a through CGS 12-504e, inclusive, of Connecticut General Statutes.  You are responsible for contacting the assessor to update your Farm and/or Forest application if there is a change in use, acreage or ownership of the land after the assessor approves it's classification.

The term "farm land" means any tract or tracts of land, including woodland and wasteland, constituting a farm unit.  In determining whether land is farm land, the assessor shall take into account, among other things, the acreage of such land, the portion thereof in actual use for farming or agricultural operations, the productivity of such land, the gross income derived therefrom, the nature and the value of the equipment used in connection therewith, and the extent to which the tracts comprising such land are contiguous.  An application for farm land classification must be filed on this form, as prescribed by the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture, pursuant to CGS12-107 c (b) of the Connecticut General Statutes.

The property owner must complete this form and file it with the Assessor of the Town where the farm land is situated.  If there is more than one owner, each must sign the application.