Water Distribution Piping & Sewage Collection Piping

Sewage Pumping & Transmission
The department is responsible for operation and maintenance of 35 miles of sewage collection and transmission piping. They are additionally responsible for often cleaning transmission lines with high-pressure jet sprayer, as well as removing roots, grease, and silt from problem areas. This system requires semi-weekly inspection and maintenance of the nine (9) sewer pumping stations. Approximately 20% of the department's time is spent on sewer transmission maintenance.
The Highland Lake Sewer Project is completed with 326 pumps installed and ten (10) miles of transmission lines to be maintained.
Crystal Lake, Highland Lake, and Rugg Brook Dams each are inspected on a yearly basis by WMC Engineering of Newington Ct and a report of their finds submitted. Maintenance of the perimeters is ongoing by departmental personnel. During this year of drought conditions our watershed proved to be a very efficient one. Many water departments in the State have had restrictions on water usage, while our reservoirs remained at 80% or more through this drought. Water is an essential resource for all; this resource has been abundant for us in the past and hopefully in the future.