Winchester Awarded $4.29 Million in Federal Funding for Key Community Projects
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Water Filtration Plant

Crystal Lake Water Filtration Plant
The Town Of Winchester is supplied with water by two sources, Crystal Lake (primary) and Rugg Brook (secondary). These sources are almost entirely on town owned land, and provide a pristine abundance of raw water.

The water is made ready for distribution by the Crystal Lake Water Treatment Plant. This state of the art plant was built in 1998, and supplies Winchester with a safe and sufficient water supply. Please note that the water supply is now a source of fluoride. The combination of a good clean supply and modern treatment will enable the water department to provide the town with a fine product for years to come.

Department personnel maintain the sources of supply as well as the filtration and distribution system with approximately 35 miles of pipe 4" to 16" in diameter.

Water quality, in compliance with the "safe water drinking act," is assured and weekly sampling/testing from four client locations is taken, including periodic testing of raw water at Crystal Lake.